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Bender Modlin doesn't use book or square foot pricing. Instead, our estimators decide the most cost effective strategy to complete our clients' project with functionality specifications and building floor plans to fully assess their needs. This procedure comprises conducting code research, estimating the amount of sprinklers and conduit routes demanded, confirming stuff costs and performing a hydraulic analysis of the system. Multiple system designs in many cases are compared to find out the most effective layout.

At this stage, contact is also made with the local authorities having jurisdiction in the target area as well as with our customers' insurance company to support specifications.

3D Design Coordination / BIM

Many general contractors trust us to organize meetings and spearhead the coordination procedure due to our state-of-the-art 3-D design applications.

We create our designs using AutoSprink, a whole 3D design software, a product of Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing (MEP) CAD. For many years, we've coordinated sprinkler piping with subcontractor's work, for example: mechanical ductwork, electrical work along with miscellaneous pipes piping etc.

AutoSprink is compatible with BIM software so we are able to export the AutoSprink drawing to 3-D Autocad drawings, and then be imported into the BIM software. During the design procedure, using the AutoSprink Software, it's normal practice to input the building structure as well as to input the MEP 3-D drawings. In so doing, we can comprehend any possible interferences or "clashes" with the buildings construction in addition to conflicts between subcontractor's work.

Design Build

While we can provide a broad array of services, many of our past projects have been design build. Conserving money and our clients time, our estimating staff prepares a preliminary drawing and hydraulic calculations to determine approximate pipe sizes and water supply requirements. We invent our approximation by either performance specifications that provide the code programs and materials or our engineering/project management department will complete an in house review, supplying our clients the most cost-effective fire protection service.

In addition , we supply:

  • Pre-construction services
  • Post-construction services
  • System analysis

Please contact us for more information or if you have questions.

Fabrication and Installation

Nationwide manufacturer's specialists devoted exclusively to fire sprinkler systems are used by Bender Modlin. We ensure facilities and their work meet our standards and select the fabricator that will be the best fit and the most cost-effective for our clients' project.

We provide a full line of devices and materials that fulfill all fire-related codes and standards, keeping a vast inventory available for instant shipment. Underwriters Laboratories list everything in our inventory.

Our highly trained crews are equipped by us with the most recent in tools and company vehicles. Crews take cutting edge equipment for on site threading and grooving to keep our clients' project on course.

Project Management

Bender Modlin designers remain with each job from beginning to end. We manage and coordinate materials, manpower and schedules. Designers also manage contract documentation, hydraulic and design calculations, as well as remain informed on insurance and code compliance.

We employ more than a dozen design professionals that are certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). Many of them have accumulated added certifications in special risks. To meet NICET re-certification and to ensure our designers stay up-to-date with the most recent technologies and procedures in the business, we provide and support continuing education credits.

Types of Systems

Here are the main types of Fire Suppression systems we work on:

Wet Pipe Systems
Dry Pipe Systems
Deluge Systems
Pre-action/Single or Double Interlock Systems
Antifreeze Systems
Standpipe Systems
Fire Pumps
AFFF Foam Systems
High Expansion Foam Systems
Backflow Preventers


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